Stress Relievers

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H110 x W70 x D18mm | Print Area:25 x 30mm

    Update your company with this Stress Mobile Phone!

    When you hand these out to existing and potential customers they will receive a gift that is fun , squeezy and quirky.

    These are perfect to promote any business especially mobile phones and accessories etc.

    Imprinted with your company's logo or slogan and get this personalised product to suit your needs.


    • Fantastic Promotional giveaway
    • Sqeezy and Quirky
    • Made of High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H110 x W70 x D18mm
  • REF: S0676

    Stress Safe

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H78 x W78 x D59mm | Print Area:20 x 40mm

    Make your business perfectly clear when you use the Stress Safe as your next giveaway!

    It is a unique shape and great for companies such as banks, investment co.

    ,, credit card co.

    , any businessess that manage money.

    So expand your company and create brand interest with this Stress Safe.


    • Low Cost Promotional Product
    • Ideal For Banks and Financial Companies
    • Great, fun Way to get your business and message out there
    • Product size H78 x W78 x D59mm
  • REF: S0680

    Stress Dustcart

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H43 x W39 x D107mm | Print Area:30 x 15mm

    This Stress Dustcart Stress Reliever would be perfect for building up your customer base.

    With its large print area it would be impossible for your logo not to go unoticed by anyone at any event or show you may be at, handing them out as souvenirs with the intent to draw in potential customers!


    • Ideal for any company or campaign
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Product size H43 x W39 x D107mm
  • REF: S0681

    Stress Container

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H38 x W40 x D100mm | Print Area:30 x 60mm

    If you are heading to a convention or trade show be sure to have these custom Stress Containers along so that everyone can remember your company.

    Handing out these promo stress relievers to the line of potential customers.


    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Bespoke Colours Available
    • Extremely affordable
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Product size H38 x W40 x D100mm
  • REF: S0682

    Stress Tank

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H44 x W52 x D125mm | Print Area:10 x 35mm

    This Stress Tank is definitely a stress relief accessory!

    No matter how tough an assignment you have this is the perfect item to display any promo advertising or cause to help your campaign.


    • Perfect Desktop Item
    • Made From High Quality PU Foam
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Product size H44 x W52 x D125mm
  • REF: S0683

    Stress Crash Helmet

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H66 x W66 x D80mm | Print Area:Dia 35mm

    You can promote your business by printing on this Stress Helmet.

    It will show everyone this sleek design and that being safe is cool!

    Have your brand on show for everyone to see ideal to hand out at any show or event.


    • Bespoke Colours Available
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Product size H66 x W66 x D80mm
  • REF: S0727

    Stress Cake

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H68 x W68 x D26mm | Print Area:Dia 30mm

    This Stress Cake will easily win over clients, a sweet addition to any marketing plan, you're sure to fatten up sales.

    This Stress Cake is definitely something you should leave with every new contact.


    • Low Cost
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Product size H68 x W68 x D26mm
  • REF: S0733

    Stress Powerdrill

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H100 x W33 x D100mm | Print Area:10 x 25mm

    Our powerdrill is just the item for construction companies, building mechants and trade tool business'.

    Great for promoting business, giveaways at tradeshows and exhibitions.

    This fun and entertaining product is a great way to promote and build your company.


    • Great for promoting business' within the construction trade
    • Squeezy fun
    • Fun and entertaining product
    • Product size H100 x W33 x D100mm
  • REF: S0738

    Stress Camera

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H65 x W95 x D63mm | Print Area:Dia 25mm

    This Stress Camerea will appeal to many businessess .

    This stress reliever is a generous size and offers a high definition for your logo.

    This is one of the huge range of promotional stress shapes that will be sure to help your marketing campaign.


    • Realistic dials,switches and viewfinder
    • Ideal for promoting many businessess
    • Large handheld product with great detailing
    • Product size H65 x W95 x D63mm
  • REF: S0741

    Stress Piano

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H24 x W71 x D79mm | Print Area:35 x 35mm

    This Stress Piano will bring music to your ears and some new life into your marketing Campaign.

    What more could your customers want than this truly unique stress product with all your details imprinted on it for all to see, especially when handing them out to current and potential clients at your next trade show or event.


    • Ideal Musical Promotional Product
    • Bespoke Colours Available
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Product size H24 x W71 x D79mm
  • REF: S0758

    Stress Train

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H55 x W35 x D95mm | Print Area:8 x 20mm

    These customised Stress Trains are going to contribute to your brands success by having them imprinted with your company's name, slogan or any details.

    These are fabulous promotional products to hand out for your next campaign.


    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Made of high quality PU Foam
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Product size H55 x W35 x D95mm
  • REF: S0763

    Stress Fork Lift

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H85 x W41 x D88mm | Print Area:18 x 18mm

    This Stress Fork Lift is a perfect promotional product for any construction business.

    It combines an element of fun and great value for money, this would be an ideal gift to hand out at any exhibition or show with your company name or logo printed on it.


    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Product size H85 x W41 x D88mm