Stress Relievers

  • REF: S0344

    Stress Ocean Liner

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H49 x W52 x D102mm | Print Area:15 x 15mm

    To promote the awesome deals you have to get your name out there to potential clients.

    Hand these Stress Ocean Liners out and everyone will know where to come to when the ship finally comes in with your name and business imprinted on them for all to see.


    • Bespoke colours (Corporate colours available)
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Product size H49 x W52 x D102mm
  • REF: S0369

    Stress Toolbox

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H47 x W77 x D49mm | Print Area:15 x 35mm

    Let our fantastic red tool box be an essential tool in your promtional campaign.

    Whether your in the building or contruction trade or your promoting tools this is a great item to get you noticed.

    Print on each side or just the one no matter this will look great!


    • Ideal for contruction trade promotion
    • Essential tool for your promotional campaign
    • Squeezy fun
    • Product size H47 x W77 x D49mm
  • REF: S0375

    Stress Cement Mixer

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H57 x W44 x D94mm | Print Area:25 x 10mm

    This Stress Cement Mixer is made from high quality PU Foam and can be printed with your logo from one to full colour.

    This unusual shape combines an element of fun and value for money, helping promote your brand or company to its fullest.


    • SqueezyFun
    • mix it up for you next promotion
    • Print 1-4 colours
    • Product size H57 x W44 x D94mm
  • REF: S0429

    Stress Tractor

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H55 x W60 x D88mm | Print Area:10 x 25mm

    The stress tractor is manufactured in high quality PU foam and can be printed with your logo in vibrant full colour.

    This tractor stress shape combines an element of fun and value for money.


    • Ideal for farm trade shows and exhibitions for new machinery
    • Brilliant souvenir for farm shops and brilliant way to get your farm noticed
    • Squeezy fun
    • Product size H55 x W60 x D88mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H53 x W53 x D53mm | Print Area:Dia 40mm

    This Stress Cube is an inexpensive way to promote your company that will last for years to come.

    With their unassuming size and bold colours, your custom Stress Cube will find a corner of a desk to sit on and your recipients will look at them often, having positive thoughts about your brand.

    It is a highly popular product due to having a six sided print area so you could promote different slogans, logos or company name with details.


    • Six Sided Squeezy Fun
    • Popular product
    • Six Sides to print on
    • Product size H53 x W53 x D53mm
  • REF: S0448

    Stress Police Car

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H40 x W47 x D108mm | Print Area:15 x 20mm

    These Stress Police Cars will come to those who need help with their company by imprinting your details,name or slogan customers will easily have you to hand so they can ring you with a quick response to any business requirements!


    • Large Print Area
    • Printed From 1-4 Colours
    • Made from High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H40 x W47 x D108mm
  • REF: S0467

    Stress Traffic Cone

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H85 x W62 x D62mm | Print Area:20 x 35mm

    The Stress Traffic Cone makes a fantastic low cost promotional gift.

    Ideal for any business, this stress reliever is a great way to build up your brand and a fun way to get your message across.


    • Print from 1-4 colours
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Product size H85 x W62 x D62mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H95 x W85 x D62mm | Print Area:15 x 25mm

    Show customers you mean business with this Sress Sumo Wrestler!

    These stress relievers will make a giant impact on your clients, they are low cost, have multiple imprint areas to choose from and are great for advertising a big sale or marketing a huge opening.

    Don't lose your footing in the marketing arena and hand out these desktop Stress Sumos !


    • Fun, Quirky and Squeezy
    • Ideal Promotional Produc for industreis such as martial arts,tournaments or even restaurants
    • Made From High Quality PU Foam
    • Large Imprint Area
    • Product size H95 x W85 x D62mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H30 x W35 x D85mm | Print Area:5 x 15mm

    Appeal to any customer by printing your companys' details on this truly British Stress Black Cab with a great area you can print from one to full colour.

    All your customers are going to be wanting one of these eccentric stress relievers to destress them from their busy schedules in the meantime reminding themselves just who you are!


    • Unique and distinctive
    • Highly popular
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Product size H30 x W35 x D85mm
  • REF: S0501

    Stress Cat

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H97 x W65 x D73mm | Print Area:15 x 15mm

    A favorite among our stress animals.

    This would make a great office companion and work well as a promotional item for those in the animal care industry.

    Being a cute and familiar shape this proves very popular among children and is also safe for them too.


    • Ideal vets and animal shelters for fantastic promtions
    • Combine the element of fun with great value for money
    • Cute familiar shape - attracts a lot of attention
    • Product size H97 x W65 x D73mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H28 x W79 x D39mm | Print Area:15 x 20mm

    The anti-stress blocks is a fun and low cost way to get your message across and unlike the conventional business card this stress blocks will be picked up and played with over and over increasing the chance that the user will remember your brand and purchase your products and services.


    • Stackable
    • Squeezy fun
    • Fantastic for kids clubs and events
    • Product size H28 x W79 x D39mm
  • REF: S0512

    Stress Key

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H120 x W55 x D20mm | Print Area:20 x 35mm

    Unlock potential deals with our incredible Stress Key!

    When imprinted with your brand or company name this makes an essential item to giveaway to current and potential clients, so they remember exactly who you are everytime they go to pick it up.


    • The Key To Success and Your Promotional Campaign
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Made of High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H120 x W55 x D20mm