• Minimum:50pcs | Size:H47 x W30 x D60mm | Print Area:Dia 20mm

    This Stress Zebra Keyring is the best way to remember your company information having it imprinted from one to full colour on this sweet little pocket item!

    It is small but big enough to see your design, still being squeezy fun and perfect for any giveaway.


    • Print from 1-4 Colours
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Ideal to attach to bags, keys or purses
    • Product size H47 x W30 x D60mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:H31 x W30 x D72mm | Print Area:17 x 20mm

    This new shaped beetle keyring shaped stress reliever is extremely popular with garages, showrooms, hire and logistics companies.

    Manufactured in high quality PU foam these striking promotional beetle keyring stress toys branded with your company name will put you miles ahead of your competitors.


    • Based on the new shape beetle
    • Squeezy fun
    • Highly popular with car showrooms and garages
    • Product size H31 x W30 x D72mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H32 x W60 x D68mm | Print Area:Dia 16mm

    Fly above your competitors with this anti-stress Aeroplane Keyring.

    These are a great,low cost way to promote your business.

    It is a realistic plane design and stands out as a perfect pocket item.

    Perfect for any international business.


    • Fast Delivery times
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Extremely popular squeezy fun
    • Product size H32 x W60 x D68mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H38 x W36 x D68mm | Print Area:15 x 20mm

    This is the perfect promotional Stress Pig pocket size keyring!

    Our animal stress shapes make a great promotional product as not only do they help promote a company brand or name, they also combine the element of fun and value for money.


    • Top Seller
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Printed from1-4 colours
    • Product size H38 x W36 x D68mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:H47 x W30 x D68mm | Print Area:10 x 20mm

    This Stress Alligator Keyring is the perfect pocket size item.

    It will snap your company to success in no time!

    Great gifts for teams,foundations and shows.

    Ideal for attaching to wallets,bags or your keys still seeing your company name or logo that will be imprinted on it.


    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Fast Delivery Times
    • Product size H47 x W30 x D68mm
  • REF: S1175

    Stress Bear Keyring

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H47 x W30 x D68mm | Print Area:15 x 15mm

    This Stress Bear Keyring is an ideal way to spread the word about your company or brand when his hanging on keys, bags or purses.

    He is small but realistic looking and still great for advertising and hugely good as giveaways at any show or event.


    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Bespoke colours available
    • Product size H47 x W30 x D68mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H37 x W33 x D80mm | Print Area:15 x 15mm

    The Stress Elephant Keyring is the best way for your clients to remember their keys!

    An ideal giveaway at any event this small pocket size gift with your logo on it will make sure just like an Elephant your clients will never forget!


    • Bespoke colours available
    • Large imprint area
    • Big squeezy Fun
    • Product size H37 x W33 x D80mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Print Area:Dia 20mm

    This Stress Monkey Keyring is pocket sized and with your company, brand or slogan imprinted on it from one to full colour will still, even though small will stand out from the crowd so a perfect giveaway at any event for your future customers to remember just who you are!


    • Fast delivery times
    • Great for promoting any business
    • Made of high quality PU Foam
  • REF: S0160

    Stress Frog Keyring

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H25 x W47 x D52mm | Print Area:15 x 10mm

    This adorable Stress Frog Keyring won't hop away attached to a bag, wallet or purse!

    Perfect for your clients to have at hand with your brand imprinted on his back.

    They are a great promotional giveaway!


    • Squeezy fun
    • Imprinted from 1-4 colours
    • Made from high quality PU Foam
    • Product size H25 x W47 x D52mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:H38 x W55 x D35mm | Print Area:20 x 20mm

    We hold stock of Europe's largest range of stress toys.

    This stress back pack keyring is just one of thousands of the shapes we offer.

    We are sure that you will find the shape to suit you and if you require something truly unique we can even create your very own shape.


    • Great for hiking and mountaineering campaigns
    • Full colour available
    • Squeezy fun
    • Product size H38 x W55 x D35mm
  • REF: S0597

    Stress Sumo Keyring

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H68 x W38 x D36mm | Print Area:Dia 20mm

    Our stress sumo keyring is an ideal pocketsize promotion when it comes to any asian based companies But whatever your campaign occasion we are sure you help you find the perfect product.

    Manufactured from high quality PU foam so its perfect for squeezing but also safe to play with in doors.


    • Pocketsize promotion
    • Great for asian companies
    • Squeezy fun
    • Product size H68 x W38 x D36mm
  • REF: S0104

    Stress Dice Keyring

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H40 x W40 x D40mm | Print Area:10 x 25mm

    This Stress Dice Keyring is a promotional pocket item and an inexpensive way to promote your company that will last for years to come.

    With their unassuming size and bold colours, your custom Stress Dice Keyring will be picked up and played with over and over again increasing the chance that the user will remember your brand.


    • Small Pocket Sized Item
    • Low Cost, Big Impact
    • Great Way to get your brand noticed
    • Product size H40 x W40 x D40mm