Lifestyle and Travel

  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H49 x W145 x D145mm | Print Area:7 x 50mm

    Bang on summer trend with these bright coloured sunglasses.

    Fantastic for holiday promotions, University events and Festivals.

    With these brilliant coloured sun glasses you'll be sure to get your brand name or company noticed!


    • Variety of colours available
    • Hugely popular with Universities & Festival promotions
    • Be sure to get your brand or comany name noticed
    • Product size H49 x W145 x D145mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:Milimeters | Print Area:15 x 30mm

    This universal 5 in 1 travel adapter is a key essential for anyone who is keen for traveling.

    Packed in a handy box, keeping everything together reducing the risk of parts getting lost.

    Compatible with plug in Europe, American and the far east.

    Now the updated travel adapter features 2 USB ports to charge even more devices on the go such as mobile devices.

    With its large print area make sure your logo or company name travels the world.


    • Universal Travel Adapter Neatly packs away to avoid losing parts Perfect for the keen traveller Large print area Comes packed in individual white box Product size 59 x 41 x 51mm
    • Product size Milimeters
  • REF: C1482

    Pop Up Vase

    Minimum:100pcs | Size:H265 x W130 x D2mm | Print Area:50 x 50mm

    Manufactured from unbreakable pvc plastic they can be used over and over.

    To use simply fill with warm water, shape your vase, then re-fill with cold water to set.

    Stores flat ideal for mail outs or as a promotional gift with a bunch of flowers.

    The large print area is fantastic for printing with your brand name and for advertising your products and services.

    Stores flat and can fit into an envelope ideal for mail outs, promotional campaigns or as a promotional gift with a bunch of flowers.

    The large print area is fantastic for printing with your brand name and for advertising your products and services.


    • Great for the office, home, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, cruise liners, exhibitions, conference centres, caravans, florists, travelling.... in fact anywhere!!
    • Choice of base colours
    • Unbreakable and re-usable
    • Stores flat ideal for mail outs
    • Keeps flowers alive for days!
    • Product size H265 x W130 x D2mm
  • REF: N0110

    Relax-Air Bag Bed *

    Minimum:10pcs | Size:H570 x W1350 x D570mm | Print Area:150 x 250mm

    Get your company promoted on this fantastic and durable new product made for the summer (ideal for festivals, bars and beaches).

    Designed for ease of use, our inflatable bag packs into a compact carry bag when not in use, making it easy to strap onto your backpack or carry on its own.

    For setup, it simply requires unpacking and filling up with air similarly to a wind catcher, allowing you to inflate the whole thing in just a few seconds.

    Once filled with air, simply roll the top of the hangout and clip it shut, effectively turning it into a comfy lounger that you can sit and lie down on.

    A recessed center area is designed to cradle anyone who lies down on the lounger, making it feel like a non-swaying hammock.

    It stays well inflated for up to six hours under normal use, at which point you simply unclip the top and feed it a gallop of air to restore it to it's full, bouncy shape.


    • Get them while it's hot!
    • Inflate on the go, indoors or outdoors
    • Large print area to maximise the promotion of artwork
    • Pockets and bottle opener available at an additional cost
    • Ideal for festivals, bars and beaches
    • Includes compact carry bag
    • Waterproof
    • Product size H570 x W1350 x D570mm
    • Material: Nylon